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Brandon Beeter
Brandon Beeter
Brandon Beeter

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Brandon Beeter was born May 31st 1982 to Bernie and Bonnie Beeter. Brandon grew up in Minot, ND and spent many of summer weekends attending races with his parents at various tracks in North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota. Growing up at the race track Brandon had many heros and some of them still race today, including Mad Mike Hagen, Smokin Hank Berry, Stormin Joren Boyce and Johnny C (John Corell). The drivers that Brandon looked up to the most were his cousin Kevin Beeter, Dave Bauer, Gary Gullickson and Dave Lakoduk have since retired from racing but the impressions they made on Brandon are still with him today. Out of them drivers Dave Lakoduk stands out the most. He spent many hours with parents following Dave around to where ever he raced. On Pepsi kids night in 1987 Dave Lakoduk gave Brandon the trophy he won that night and from that point forward Dave was his idol. Brandons dad Bernie always had the dream of racing himself. So in 1996 Bernie aquired one of Gary Gullickson's old Dakota Modifieds. He worked on the car long and hard for about 2 years but it never seen the track. Then in the early spring of 1998 Bernie made a deal to trade the modified to his brother in-law Norm Canney in Helena, MT for a street stock with the intentions of racing it himself in Minot and letting Brandon take the wheel at the smaller surrounding tracks. Brandon took the track first on May 30th 1998 at the Thunder Mountain Speedway in Bottineau, ND. Brandons dad drove the car the next night at the Nodak Speedway in Minot, ND and he would retire and just let Brandon run the full time everywhere. Brandon got his first feature win at the Mclean County Speedway in Underwood, ND and followed that up by winning the season finale in Bottineau to complete his rookie year. In 1999 Brandon was runner-up for the Championship in Bottineau and Most Improved driver in Minot but was still seeking that first feature win in Minot. Brandon graduated from highschool in 2000 and took his graduation money to Dick Schultz to buy a new motor. He went on to win the Championship in Bottineau and finish 3rd at the Governors Cup which is held at Dacotah Speedway in Mandan, ND. The biggest highlight from 2000 was when his Uncle Norm came to watch him from Montana. Brandon won the feature at the old Bismarck track for the first and only time he raced there. Brandon still ended the 2000 season winless in Minot. The 2001 and 2002 Brandon did not race in Minot due to they switched from Wissota to IMCA. Brandon also spent the better part of 2002 working in Phoenix, AZ so he didn't race much that year. He came back to racing full time in 2003 in which he finally won a feature in Minot. He went on in 2003 to win 6 features and was runner-up for the championship in Minot. The winter of 03/04 Brandon and Bernie bought a modified with the intentions of slowly working Brandon into the mod and Having Brandons little brother Brock start racing the Hobby Stock part time to get some experience. Plans changed on the May 16th 2004 when Brandon rolled the Hobby Stock 3 times in turn 3 at the Nodak Speedway in Minot. He was OK but Brock was pretty disappointed cause Brandon wrecked his future car. Also on that day Brandon met Jenny his future wife and invited her to the races to watch him. What a great first impression. Brandon finished out 2004 racing his Mod in Minot, Mandan and Bottineau where he won his one and only Mod feature. In 2005 Brandon and Jenny were expecting their first child (Peyton) so Brandon cut back to a B-Mod and raced just part time in Devils Lake. In 2006 Brandons brother Brock started his racing career and the plan was for Brandon to help Brock get going but instead Brandon made it a month of watching until he bought his own car. That’s when the Beeter brothers started driving there mom nuts by always finding each other on the track. In 2007 Brandon and Jenny got some more good news they were expecting their second child (Maxwell). Also in 2007 Brandon and Brock bought a trailer that could haul both their cars so they could travel with each other to race. So with that trailer Brandon spent 07 and 08 racing everywhere and anywhere he could but he wasn't getting the consistent results he was looking for. So when he started the 2009 season he made the commitment to winning the Championship in Minot. He bought a new Sebo Motorsports chassis and with a ton of help from his family and friends he accomplished the 2009 IMCA Hobby Stock Nodak Speedway Track Championship. The 2010 and 2011 race years for Brandon were pretty quiet. He took the time away from the track to buy land from his Grandma and build his family a house and with the grandstand shortened year of 2010 and the flood shortened year of 2011 Brandon just raced a very limited schedule. In 2012 Brandon resumed racing full time at the Nodak Speedway and Williston Basin Speedway winning the track championships at both tracks. The summer of 2012 was turned upside down when Brandon's mom was diagnosed with cancer and lost her life on July 29th due to the cancer. With a lot of motivation after her passing Brandon won the first race he entered after his mothers death at the Williston Basin Speedway. In 2013 Brock joined Brandon racing full time at every track in western North Dakota. There was 29 IMCA Hobby sanctioned races in Western ND. Brandon won 12 along with his brother Brock Winning 12. So the Beeter brothers won 24 out of 29 enter races.

Driver Highlights:

2000 Thunder Mountain Speedway Champion
2009 Nodak Speedway Champion
2012 Nodak Speedway Champion
2012 Nodak Speedway Driver of the Year
2012 Williston Basin Speedway Champion
2013 Estevan Motor Speedway Champion
2013 North Dakota State Champion
2014 and 2015 IMCA Hobby Stock Supernationals Big Dance Qualifier
2015 RPM Speedway Fall Nationals Champion

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